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Friday, December 18, 2009

Cat Haiku:
So you call this thing
your "cat carrier"...
I call these my
"blades of death".

Another Cuttlebugged card...
kids got me folders for Christmas.
This machine is the best thing since sliced bread or chocolate cake!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Last one for today...
background is the Cuttlebug music folder.
Butterfly stamp is embossed in gold,
and the faux brads are just flowers
punched and indented in the middle.

Backgound here was stamped in
clear pigment ink (VersaMark) and
then swiped over with chalk.
ThankYou is embossed in Gold ep.

This one is stamped with clear pigment ink and
and embossed with white ep then

This card uses a wallpaper background and some
sheer ribbon. The tag is made by using a stencil
and dry embossing with a lightbox.
Then cut out and the message stamped and embossed
onto it.

This one uses the Dotted Swiss folder
and a penscore block.
Take the block, heat with heat tool
and lay over the folder. Ink the
block, stamp it and you have the opposite of your folder,
and a nice background...in this case, the darker blue.

This one wasn't done with the Cuttlebug,
but used the Bubble technique.
Colored ink in water with a bit of detergent.
Blow into the solution with a straw and lay your
paper over. Lift off carefully and dry.

You can hardly see them, but there are teeny
violet beads sewn to the centers of
the flowers. Ths flowers here were stencils embossed
with a lightbox.

This card was done with the Snowflake folder.
My good friend Carolyn sent me an extra she had :-)

Where's the sun...?

Have been busy using my machine and the new folders the kids got me!
Cuttlebug is the best thing since sliced bread!
Here are a few creations...

Friday, December 11, 2009

Back in the saddle....

Arrived in Port A last week. So far have been in a craft fair,
volunteered to sub for music at church, and made a lot of cards
trying to use up scraps :-)
Weather was nice 2 days, but otherwise has been overcast,cool
and windy weather. Good for chicken soup and card making!

Pit Beads

"Art in My Garbage" is a favorite theme I deamed up.
All that "stuff" in the trash-bin surely has another life as an "art supply" - Yesterday the discovery was date pits ;-D
They scrub up well, have a nice rustic, "woody" look and make great beads when drilled with a fine dremel bit. Have also just discovered "sea beans", along with the lovely shells on the Texas beaches. The teeniest bit of baby oil shines them up nice. Avocados, apple seeds, prune pits, etc. can all be used as well. http://www.beachbeans.com/bean_descriptions.html