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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Birdbath a la CHEEP...(cheap!)

From a glass ceiling fixture and a pot stand.
                                    Cost all of a dollar...add a rock, some pennies and water.

Bottle Sculpture

Yet more bottles... ;-)                 
The lakeside landscaping is finally done after installation of the septic system.
The bottle sculpture was my idea. The blue bottles represent the lake, the 12
stems represent the 12 months of the year and the leaf shaped layout represents nature.

Think it turned out pretty nice.

Pit Beads

"Art in My Garbage" is a favorite theme I deamed up.
All that "stuff" in the trash-bin surely has another life as an "art supply" - Yesterday the discovery was date pits ;-D
They scrub up well, have a nice rustic, "woody" look and make great beads when drilled with a fine dremel bit. Have also just discovered "sea beans", along with the lovely shells on the Texas beaches. The teeniest bit of baby oil shines them up nice. Avocados, apple seeds, prune pits, etc. can all be used as well. http://www.beachbeans.com/bean_descriptions.html